Released Omeka S 2.0.1
improvements in the search engine

The Omeka team just released this new version of Omeka S, featuring important improvements in the search engine.

In fact, we just updated our modules and themes to work with this new version. Likewise, we released a new Docker image for the latest release of the application, already at Docker Hub.

The updated publicly available resources are:

Omeka S 2.0.1 Docker Image [Docker Hub]

Google Analytics Omeka S module [Github]


You can check the changes included in versions 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 on the Omeka S Github repository releases page. Although there are many bugfixes, the most important new changes are:

Full-text search across resources: Performance is improved and in addition, search results include all types of resources and pages. It’s not necessary to specify which kind of resource you’re lookin for. Moreover, search queries now admit typical searcher features like quotation marks or incomplete words search. This has been very celebrated by our customers.

Configurable resource title and description properties: Now users can select which fields are going to be used as title and description, and this will take effect everywhere, including the admin interface. A similar feature already existed, but it was much more limited.

Search results now match against linked resources.

There’s a new option that allows to choose a default site visibility option.

Regarding changes concerning to developers, now Omeka S uses the version 2.6 of Doctrine. Also, new methods have been added to account for the new full-text search capabilities. Also, minimum versions of MySQL and Mariadb have been increased.

Item pool in Omeka S