What is Omeka?

Free-code project that includes very useful online software for libraries, archives and museums. Omeka Classic and Omeka S are an excellent foundation for any project that looks for publishing, broadcasting or showing any cultural or scientific type of objects. Objects as books, arts, museum pieces or researching production.

Omeka is a project made by the Corporation for Digital Scholarship, the Roy Rosenweig Center for History and New Media, and the George Mason University, and it is funded by numerous organizations.

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Omeka’s name and logo are a Corporation for Digital Scholarship trademark.  Libnamic is not affiliated, associated, authorized, supported not even officially connected in any way to the Omeka project nor to any of the managing organizations.

Omeka S

Omeka is a free code web platform that allows publishing digital collections and online exhibitions. It is particularly designed for libraries, museums, archives, universities, researching centers and other cultural patrimony managing institutions.

Omeka’s applications are oriented to the collections broadcasting, but they also allow the creation of virtual exhibitions using these collections.

Since Omeka S was released, it has been multiplied the possibilities for publishing contents and for interworking data.

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Depending on the project’s requirements, Libnamic proposes a working stream that usually includes the following phases and services

  • Consultancy   
  • Theme design
  • Theme development and modules
  • Libnamic Suite
  • Hosting or deployment at server
  • Maintenance and support services
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