Virtual repository with Omeka S

A virtual repository allows for having the info in an organized way having as a main goal to highlight the importance of the resources of any entity or organization, making easier its appreciation, broadcasting, etc.

At Libnamic we develop virtual repositories through Omeka. A free and flexible open-source software intended for the publication of the libraries, archives or museums’ (or any other interested institution) digital collections. 

It allows compiling, organizing and broadcasting its cultural background in an easy and efficient way.  An Omeka based platform, it is organized by the creation of sites to which different resources are assigned. These resources are, at the same time, organized into collections. This characterization allows for supplying our site with such a complex structure so as to organize the contents hierarchically.

There are several cases of use for the creation of a virtual repository with Omeka, but we can distinguish between:

  • Photographic archives.

  • Document repository.

  • Audios and videos collection.

  • Platform of cultural broadcasting.

One of the Omeka S’ main characteristics is being multisite. We can build as many sites as we want, even if they are given different contents. It is such an important characteristic for research centers and groups that look for highlighting the value of their cultural patrimony.

Theme for Omeka S
Libnamic has developed a theme for free